The women's choir Vox Feminae was established in Reykjavík in 1993. The founder of the choir and its conductor and musical director is Margrét J. Pálmadóttir. The choir has close to 50 members, aged 18 to 60.

Vox Feminae has performed on various occasions in Iceland and holds concerts regularly. Vox Feminae has undertaken Concert Tours both in Iceland and abroad. You can find more information about the choirs performances and projects here. In November 2000 Vox Feminae won a silver medal in the VIIth International Palestrina Choir competition, held in the Vatican in Rome, Italy.Sacred music has been a large part of the choirs repertoire but Vox Feminae has also placed emphasis on modern music by Icelandic composers. 


Vox Feminae has released three CD's which you can order on this webpage.


To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Vox Feminae, portrait photographs were taken of all active members of the choir at that point in time. Vox Feminae is planning to publish those photographs in a book that will also feature the choirs history. Hopefully this book will be published in the summer of 2009. A summary of Vox Feminae's history will be published on this page when the book will be published.